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Maidstone's Commercial Window Cleaning Specialists

Maidstone window cleaningWith health and safety regulations becoming increasingly strict on all kinds of work at height, many commercial premises across Maidstone and Kent now prevent the use of ladders. This can lead to problems reaching windows for cleaning if there is not enough space for a cradle or scissor lift. 

As one of Maidstone and Kent's leading commercial and office cleaning companies, we have built many strong relationships with manufacturers and suppliers and are perfectly placed to utilise the very best cleaning equipment and products to provide an exceptional commercial cleaning service. One such product is our reach and wash commercial window cleaning system.

How does our window cleaning system work?

By keeping users on the ground, our reach and wash window cleaning system meets all safety concerns and needs little more than the space for just a single person.

The system we use combines a simple water fed pole with a cleaning attachment that can very quickly and comfortably reach first and second floor windows for an exceptional external clean.

Working for commercial clients across Maidstone, we use purified water in our ladder-less set up so that after the initial clean, the job is done. Leaving windows streak free, our reach and wash window cleaning system means you actually spend less time getting a great result than usual and you don't have to shift heavy window cleaning equipment around.

What are the benefits of ladderless window cleaning?

The specialist reach and wash ladderless window cleaning system we use simplifies the whole process and saves you money on more traditional commercial window cleaning methods with a wide range of benefits, including:

  • The safest way to wash high windows
  • Streak free drying with purified water
  • Easy access in the tightest spaces
  • Faster than any conventional method

We provide our commercial window cleaning service to commercial customers across Kent, including Maidstone, so whatever your reach and wash window cleaning requirements speak to the experts at May Harris Multi Services Ltd for expert commercial window cleaning services.