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Computer Cleaning Services

Cleaning computer keyboards

Here at May Harris, we provide a professional and expert computer cleaning service. With COVID-19 and our current need to ensure a safe and clean working environment, this cleaning service has never been so warranted.

Computer cleaning encompasses the cleaning of all computer and technical equipment. Think CPU’s, laptops, handheld devices and more. While offices may have a regular cleaning service, this surprisingly may not incorporate the IT equipment.

Considering the amount of times we touch our computer equipment on a daily basis, including while we’re eating, after we touch our faces, even touching other people’s computer and telephone equipment, it should come as no surprise to learn that computer equipment is a harborer of germs. Right now, more than ever, with COVID-19 still very much around, we must do our best to ensure our equipment is as clean as physically possible and all ‘touch points’ such as these, cleaned thoroughly and regularly. That is where we come in.

Stay Safe With Professional Computer Cleaning Services

Cleaning computer equipment requires more than regular cleaning solutions and devices. Specialist equipment is needed to ensure even the smallest of areas, such as between computer keys, are thoroughly cleaned. It’s also imperative that the correct solutions are utilised in order to ensure thorough cleaning without compromising the safety of the equipment.

Using the wrong equipment in an incorrect manner could cause huge problems. Thankfully, with our specialist computer cleaning teams, we can provide you with the expertise you need to ensure a full and safe cleaning service.

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Cleaning computer screens

Computer Cleaning For Everyone

Regardless of whether you work in a small 3-person office or require cleaning across a five floor building, here at May Harris, we can provide you with a team of highly trained cleaners to suit your needs.

We’re flexible, affordable and efficient, everything you need to ensure you’re providing a clean and safe space for your staff returning during these uncertain times.

Flexible & Efficient Computer Cleaning

We understand that right now especially, companies will want as few a people in one space as possible. Thankfully, we understand this only too well ourselves which is why we try to provide as flexible a service as possible. We’ll work around you to ensure complete safety with minimum personnel within the office space, while also avoiding unnecessary hassle and disruption as you and your team try to return to a new normal.

Contact May Harris Today

With national coverage, we’re perfectly suited to provide you with our computer cleaning services in any area within the UK. If you’d like more information on our computer cleaning services and how we can help you ensure your office space is as clean as possible, in the fight against COVID, please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 0800 587 0811.