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Electronic Time Management

At May Harris we believe in delivering exactly what we have promised, we use a sophisticated time management system which not only ensures we are able to manage, protect and support our staff easily and effectively but also demonstrate to our clients that May Harris are delivering the agreed contracted hours of service.

Our staff, on arrival to your site log in via a landline phone set, they will call a Freephone number and our automated system will ask them to either log in to work or log out, meaning we know who is on site and for what duration, email alerts are sent to the respective manager on call should one of our staff fail to log in or out meaning our lone workers are also protected and would not be left isolated should an emergency arise.

When agreeing a contract with our client we set the time of service before work commences, meaning that each and every shift is fully staffed, agreed hours are delivered and our staff and customer are protected at all times.

We can for reporting and audit purposes supply a full monthly attendance and hours worked report alongside your monthly invoice.